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Nonsense is good once in a while and so…

This is not an About page;  it’s a  Nonsense page.
It might shudder in place and may show up on your site (when God shakes your screen 🙂 ) Most people start with an About page that introduces them to site visitors but I prefer to introduce you  to Christ with a touch of humor.  He  might be an actor by night, and this is a blog for and about Him!

I am blessed that He allows me to manage this site for Him! Now if you think you are a Christian; consider this: Do you love Christ as much as He loves you? If not then you are on your way to Hell, if not because your true self will not love others as Christ did and that will determine which way you will go, Heaven or Hell,

I pray that you, like me, have checked yourself before He forgets yourself, ya dig ?

Can you change your inner self? ABSOLUTELY! YOU WERE MADE THIS WAY, so you can unmake yourself and re-assemble your self, by becoming the person God wants you to be; like Him! Forget the distractions that Satan throws up in your face by focusing on the example that God showed you!

I live in Orange County, and had three great dogs named Jack (Here Jack!,  Here Jack!  and, of course, Heel Jack! –  they were Jackhounds and loved to eat at Jack’s place! 🙂 ) *”And they liked those little dog treats so I went out in the rain but when the Angels played baseball,YOU KNEW THEY’RE WINNING THE GAME! “* GO BIG RED!!

*.This part is sung to the tune of “Escape” by Rupert Holmes (If You Like Piña Coladas – taking walks in the rain)

A SPECIAL NOTE: THOSE TRYING TO USE TYJESUS.NET TO ADVERTISE THEIR BUSINESS, OR TO SPAM OR DISRUPT Christ’s blog in any way, shape or form WILL be blocked from further posting! This includes, but is not limited to, those fine folks of Tulsa, OK and the ladies trying to boost their male escort service, in the land down under.

FOLKS,  do you not remember what Christ did to those selling doves, and the money changers, on the steps of the Sanctuary?

He made a whip and whipped them badly! Don’t make me get out the cat’o’nine tails!

For those who want to put their opinion into the mix – sign up as Crazy For Christ first THEN go to Chit-Chat!

GodFollower – manager for

5 thoughts on “Nonsense

  1. mitch gohman

    Now what person who’s Crazy for Christ would have 3 dogs named Jack?
    Why not Luke, John and Peter?
    Ok, I can understand why not Peter but Paul would fit!
    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. GodFollower

    You hit the nail on the head, Mitch!
    I can’t imagine myself running in the dog park shouting, “Here Peter! Here Peter! Has anyone seen Peter?” Oh wait! I just did that, didn’t I?

    So, are you suggesting that I hang one of my dogs from a tree as Christ was or… I get it! You want me to adopt that St. Bernard of yours!!

    NO, THANK YOU!! You can keep that ball of fur, that drool and slobber machine at your place. Mine has enough dust bunnies to last a lifetime but thanks again for the offer! 😉


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