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And for 2 July, 2017 “Again WE thank YOU Jesus for YOUR perfect sacrifice but especially today, when we say yet again, thank You Jesus, Emmanuel, OUR Lord and Savior, thank You, thank You, thank You for taking the pain that we might gain eternal life through You our Lord!! He


you to do so! He didn’t ask you to love each other. As the all powerful ruler of the universe, King of Kings, He commanded you to do so. AMEN!!

May the events outside of the U.S.A. show Christ to the world, even though we know that Satan is controlling the planet for now, because as Easter Sunday reminds us Christ is coming back and the figs on the tree are ripe, so we know it will be soon! AMEN!!

Still left unprosecuted are those who claim to be “Muslims for Peace” who intend to take over our country by “non -violent means” i.e. by voting. This is A FARCE!! THERE IS NOTHING NON-VIOLENT ABOUT Sharia law! There are over 700 ISIS CONTROLLED terrorist training camps in the US alone! And I found out through online news that there are Muslim controlled areas within some cities in the U.S in which Sharia law is strictly enforced!

My Islamic brothers, do you TRULY believe that gang raping women while attacking their husbands/boyfriends with machetes, is God’s will and will get you into heaven? If you think that you are so very, very wrong! God said not to have sex with a woman who is not your wife, and then only to provide children for this world!. Attacking men with machetes is MURDER, so stop this nonsense now!

If you are a Muslim and your Imam says to do anything that goes against God’s will then that man is a liar, not a prophet of God, and should be treated as any ancient prophet who lied was – stoned!

It is the goal of these groups to destroy Christians because those in the USA have been too kind to them. This garbage MUST end! Let those who come to America come to embrace our culture NOT to replace our culture!

Who is behind this? Satan’s top demons, Baal and Ashtaroth, AND may the Lord rebuke them both! But they are still playing yo-yo with our emotions. God put into the office as POTUS the one He wants there! And now we MUST pray for him, as God commanded us to do, whether he is like Saul or not. AMEN!!

For those thinking that former President Obama is the beast of the Anti-Christ…

Here is a link to SHOW you whom


believe the beast of the Anti-Christ is, not a person but a system:

I have both a great sorrow, and a great joy, in my heart for us all as I see the warnings and prophecies of Jesus and Revelations coming to pass. Sorrow for the tribulations this world must endure before Christ’s return, greater sorrow for the whole world than it was for the Israelis during WWII. As to why joy? It means our Lord is returning soon! AMEN!!

For more about this election see Chit-Chat (remember to sign in as “Crazy For Christ” to add your comments!) and read George Carlin’s take on elections in general. Click

Right here!

Thank You Jesus, for the many, many blessings You give us each day though we do not always see them as blessings but that is our poor vision isn’t it, Jesus the Christ, my Lord and Savior, Emmanuel and may we always choose happiness over pleasure!! And I thank You, Jesus, for the return to my church of Carl H. and Lynne G. both of whom were in life threatening situations, until You brought them back to us. AMEN!!

And I praise You, Jesus, aka Yeshua, for the return of the notebooks I use to keep track of what we have studied and prayed for. These two notebooks have been missing for some time now and were returned to me only after brought up in prayer. so again I offer praise to God for it is through him that they came back to me. AMEN!!

I am so grateful to have my health, such as it is, a solid roof over my head, a new job soon, when God is willing for me to go back to work, and a warm, dry place to sleep! Thank You for those blessings my Lord, Jesus!

I also praise You for calling my good friend, Michael V, home to be with you! And may you watch over his lady, Jeannie, whom we love dearly!! AMEN!!

My brother or sister, do YOU need help to turn YOUR frown upside down? You should have a smile a mile wide and when you don’t feel like smiling think of how hard it was for Christ to endure the beatings, the insults and finally, the crucifixion, so He could bless YOU each moment of each day and then say, “Thank You, Jesus, for the blessings You have given, are giving and will give to ME, especially those I do not understand for those contain the lessons I need the most!!

Because of my faith in You I can and do proudly spread Your word among the poor and needy! And, Lord, please, please help me and those around me to understand Your PATHS AND NOT THE SIMPLE FIXES OF THIS WORLD!!” Remember to just keep on keeping on His path, no matter what and reap His blessings on down the line because man proposes but God disposes AND REMEMBER THAT Psalm 62:1 says to be silent and wait for God to rescue you, for salvation comes through Him alone!

And Lord, help us to stay away from the false doctrines perpetuated by the feel-good philosophies of the Mega Churches, like Joel Osteen’s, and may the church we attend now steer their way clear of becoming one, even after the huge tithing I pray I’ll be tithing soon, thanks to You, Jesus, my Lord and Savior!!

I praise Your Holy name, Jesus, for the perfect woman for me, whom I was looking for and Lord though I KNEW I must wait for her I must wait just a bit longer. But because I believe you will give her to me I thank You for her, Jesus my Lord and please, please, please grant me the strength to wait this little bit longer and work hard to deserve her Lord Jesus! Lord give me the strength to follow Your path, where ever it leads me, Jesus, my Lord and Savior!!

And from now until God tells me to stop I ask all of you to pray with me daily for the, now freed, girls of Hope Home in the Philipine Islands. To find out more about them click on the Destiny Rescue tab.

And thank You, Jesus, for Ron Patarello of Accountability Brothers who assists these formerly imprisoned men in being restored to society as positive influences, rather than merely being “recycled” through the prison system again. Hire these men folks!! You’ll be hard pressed to find any employee as good as they are!! To learn more about them click on the “AccountabilityBrothers” button. AMEN!!

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